Technological innovation in tools and medical procedures in Tele-RHB, E-Health and M-Health

Our objectives are to search the optimization of resources in medical treatment and improvement in quality of life of doctors and patients

Our development team is composed of professionals from different areas allowing us to develop a comprehensive system with all health guarantees. Currently, we are in the process of expansion in 3 countries, with more than 10 medical clinics and more than 12 international awards and honours..


  • Early rehabilitation.
  • No allergies or itching.
  • No displacement for rehabilitation.


  • Assistance of the patient remotely.
  • Streamlines consultation processes.
  • Visual assessment of the patient.

Insurance Companies

  • Keep track in real time.

  • Cost savings for online tracking.
  • Rehabilitation process is accelerated.

Our R&D Laboratory help clinics and mutual societies to find innovative solutions according to the needs of their patients

Our R&D Medical

Our splint system and 3D orthopedics adapted for pets allows us to innovate in animal healthcare

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