Our immobilization system and ergonomic splints allows us to innovate in animal healthcare


Exovite reduces the recovery time of the animal and veterinary costs. Our system acts in the immobilization by inmediate scanning and we reduce the period of recovery thanks to the splint that helps the animal to have the member at rest.

Clinics can set up the system in a easy way by healthcare personnel and have their immobilization system ready in a reduced time process.


  • Splints can fits all types of pets without exclusion of race, size and weight.
  • Model on the animal itself, absolutely ergonomic and adapted. The animal has a higher quality of life.
  • Light, resistant and hygienic system.  It is waterproof.
  • Safe and anti-allergic skin material. Easy access to superficial wounds, it allows to treat them without having to remove the splint.
  • Exclusive technology with all medical and veterinary guarantees.

Clinics and Veterinarians

  • Inmediate scanning and non-invasive process for the animal.
  • Less time and cost by rapid immobilization.
  • Multiple uses in different pathologies.
  • Easy to use, the system is designed to be configured by healthcare personnel. With an immediate scan they can have immobilization ready in a reduced time process.


Through the 3D scanning, we can produce prothesis and muzzles adapted to animal which have problems finding the right product, and all types of post-intervention protections.