Online management of rehabilitation treatments for medical centers and patients

ExoPad. Rehabilitation app for the patient

ExoPad is installed on the patient’s smartphone and alerts him when to begin the exercise, its intensity and duration. You can see your rehabilitation program and its progress, generating great adherence to treatment.

  • Having an alarm system to start the exercises.

  • Control one or more electrostimulator devices.
  • Access the calendar, measurements of progress and its work program.
  • Seek medical advice online.
  • Call the doctor or hospital emergency department with a single click.
  • Access the clinic’s address you should visit.
  • Minimize the application to access other services at once.

ProPad. Online patient assistance for the clinic

ProPad allows the physician to create the treatment, control ARC 01, monitor treatment and modify it as appropriate. The system alerts you if an abnormality is detected and can assist the patient even remotely by performing a visual assessment through the smartphone camera. It is customizable for multiple users and compatible with HL7.

  • Online design, monitoring and modifying of the process at any time.
  • Control electroestimulator devices.
  • Obtain measurements and analysis of the progress of each patient, including x-rays, scanners, etc.
  • Perform a remotely scan of the patient’s limb using the phone camera.