System for immobilization and electrostimulation rehabilitation of traumatology and musculoskeletal treatments

Rehabilitation System

Once immobilization is completed, the doctor proceeds and designs the rehabilitation treatment the patient should follow. The rehabilitation system consists of:

A broken bone requires
an average of 10 week recovery process

With Exovite’s technology we reduced the recovery period by 3 weeks and improve patient’s quality of life of patients

Electrostimulator. Created exclusively by Exovite

The electrostimulator, created exclusively by Exovite, reduces pain, improves the fusion process of the bone* and allows rehabilitation while the patient is still immobilized. The device is absolutely safe and very easy to use. It also allows the physician to access data on patient’s muscle health at any time.

  • Low and medium frequency.
  • A two electrodes and one channel system.
  • Data download system using micro-usb.
  • Lithium-Ion autonomously battery for 2 hours of activity.
  • On / Off switch and dock station charging.
  • System for measurement of muscle health of the affected area.
  • Low energy Bluetooth.

Software. ExoPad y ProPad

Manage and monitor remote treatment by hospitals and the rehabilitation of the patient with maximum comfort and without continuously movement

About ExoPad y ProPad