Exovite is a pioneer in the field of Tele-RHB, E-Health and M-Health, that promotes technological innovation in tools and medical procedures.

Through this project Exovite achieves two objectives: he optimization of resources in medical treatment and the improvement in quality of life of all direct users of our system (both doctors and patients).the company is based in Spain. Development of prototype equipment and initial test are been conducted in our R&D laboratory located at the clinic Punto Vital in Zaragoza. Our first medical trials will also be carried out at this clinic center.


Our development team is composed of professionals from different areas (medical, electronics, computer science, mechanics, 3D printing, etc) allowing us to develop a comprehensive system that guarantees the optimization of immobilization and rehabilitation processes.

Juan Monzón Fabregat CEO+13 years of experience in startups and marketing
Antoni Climent CTO+23 years of experience in team management
Team of +15 peopleAREAS: Medicine, electronics, computer science, mechanics, 3D printing, ...

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